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Assessments Used

I use a range of different types of assessments in order to obtain the maximum amount of clinical information.

I use:

  • Clinical Interviews
  • Clinical observation of the child and parents in different settings where-ever appropriate
  • Formal assessments and questionnaires which can only be used by Clinical Psychologists
  • Structured interviews which guide a detailed conversation about the difficulties
  • Preschool and School reports, as appropriate

GLOW Psychology

Following the Assessment


I will meet with parents separately to the child to provide comprehensive feedback about the assessment.  A diagnosis is  provided during this feedback session if appropriate.
Receiving a diagnosis can be bring a range of emotions for parents, i.e. shock, relief, sadness, anxiety, hope - and it is important to remember that the purpose of a diagnosis is to understand the child's development and plan for the future. 
​All reports will be provided within 3 weeks of completion of the assessment.  Reports are recognised by the National Council for Special Education which is the agency responsible for the
assessment and pro​vision of Resource Teaching and Special Needs Assistant (SNA support at school)


​I will give a comprehensive feedback about the assessment and discuss an intervention plan.  This plan will include a plan that will outline the number of sessions needed to bring about chagne and the cost of this plan.