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Managing Children's

Behaviour difficulties.

A child's difficult behaviours can pose a significant challenge for the child, parents, sibllings and staff at preschool and school.  Do you:

  • stop going to places of enjoyment because your child becomes very upset and other people stare?

  • feel stressed because you are worried that other people think that you are not a good parent and cannot manage your child's behaviour?

  • feel overwhelmed because you are tired of trying your best to manage your child's behaviour but do not feel like you are in control?

Behavioural Plan

A thorough behaviour assessment is an important first step to helping to identify the reasons for behaviour.

I assess factors that might explain the behaviour, what the child is communicating by behaving this way and how parents are coping, and from this assessment, an intervention plan is discussed and put into place.  My aim is to work with and support parents to understand their child's behaviour and to try new strategies that are focused on bringing about positive change.