​GLOW Psychology, Ahane, Lisnagry, Co Limerick


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GLOW Psychology

My Aims

I strive to undertake comprehensive and clinically relevant assessments in a professional, courteous and approachable manner.

The purpose of these assessments is to make practical recommendations that aim to bring about positive change for the child, parents and family.


My name is Dr Olive White and I am a Consultant Clinical
​Psychologist with many years experience in working in the area of early childhood development.

Delays in development impact on all areas of life for the child and family. I specialise in all matters related to children, right from pregnancy and infancy, through toddler years, childhood and teenage years.

​ ​If you are anxious about your pregnancy or worried about your child's development or behaviour, you might like to explore information I have put together in this website about the work that I do and make contact to discuss your concerns further.