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GLOW Psychology

​Areas I can help with after Assessment

Diagnosis specific interventions focus on:

  •  Support with adjustment to what the diagnosis means for you, your family and your child.
  • ​ Advice regarding educational placements (specialist learning, language ASD), specialist enhancement programmes, (Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland), government allowances, tuition grants etc.
  •  Implementing specialist ASD strategies such as TEACCH,  Visual Schedules, Social Stories

Interventions can also be designed to help with:

  • Understanding behaviour and developing positive strategies for managing difficulties
  • Supporting positive childhood mental health to alleviate childhood fears  and worries
  • ​Learning new ways to cope in stressful situations (parents & children)
  • Toileting difficulties
  • Sleep routines
  • Planning for puberty
  • Sexuality and relationships
  • ​Transitions in adulthood​
  • Coping with death and bereavement