GLOW Psychology

Delays in Play and

Repetitive interests


  •  - Lack of imaginative play
  •  - Not developing flexible and elaborate sequences (e.g. playing with objects in the farm set but not developing a creative game of 'being on a farm')
  •  - Playing the same theme over and over (e.g. superheros, trains; tractors)
  •  - Watching episodes of DVD's/cartoons repeatedly;​
  • - Likes lining toys in particular patterns
  • - Interested in parts of toys such as spinning wheels on cars, collecting trains and trucks
  •  - Not allowing others to join in with play; being the 'boss' of the game and not open to other children's suggestions
  • - Needs to be taught how to role play (e.g. playing dress-up) and how to make up new and imaginative games
  • -Having lots of toys but only enjoys playing with the same few  

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