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Postnatal support and Infant Mental Health

Adjusting to the arrival of the new baby is a challenge for all families.  Sometimes, this adjustment is more complicated because of issues that have arisen during pregnancy, labour and in the new-born period.  

Support during this transition can help when the adjustment is fraught with anxiety and worry.  A positive transition leads to better outcome for the baby.  

Pregnancy Related Anxiety

Pregnancy is a time of great happiness and expectation for the arrival of your little baby,

For some families however, a mother's pregnancy is a time of immense stress because of issues related to the pregnancy, family adjustment and coping.  

Fears and worries can be caused by:

  •  The risk of the baby being born early
  •  Medical complications affecting the baby's development
  •  The mother's health and well-being
  •  Genetic risk factors 
  • ​Miscarriage
  • ​Stillbirth