Unusual Sensory Experiences

We all experience the world through our senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound).  Some children experience information differently through these senses and children may:

  • favour particular tastes (e.g. extremely spicy, bland, have preferences for brands of food)

  • prefer particular colours (e.g. only wear red shoes, prefer yellow objects and toys)

  • love particular movement (e.g. likes to spin around, love swinging, spinning objects such as wheels of toys or spinning tops)

  • have a preference for different types of touch (e.g. likes deep pressure hugs, do not like to be touched by others on the head or hand, loves or hates tags on clothes)

  • have strong reactions to certain smells  (e.g. gag and feel sick) or may sniff to explore new objects ​

  • be fearful of certain noise such as hairdryers or lawnmowers

  • enjoy unusual movement such as flaping hands, twitching arms, or engage in more complex movements involving different parts of the body

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