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Social Interaction

Some features of social interaction difficulties include:

  •  - Shying away or becoming upset when approached by others
  • Not noticing when parents have left the room, or, becoming extremely distressed when parents leave
  •  - Trying to interact with other children but not knowing how to engage and communicate
  •  - Upset when visitors come to the house
  •  - Fearful of new situations
  •  - Being too familiar with unfamiliar people
  •  -One-sided approaches to others, e.g. always talking about the same topics regardless of whether the other person wants to hear about this 
  • - Not  know how to engage in to and fro conversations with others
  • ​-Talking to others in an adult-like manner
  • ​-Not being able to manage group learning at school
  • ​-Not knowing when not to make comments about others